Friday, August 22, 2008

How much can you earn with an internet buzz ?

Viral marketing, internet buzz, buzz marketing. All these words are covering the same broad subject for an internet web site : how to generate lots of traffic very quickly ?

This is replacing slowly the "old good spam" in your email box. Indeed, information coming from one of your friend is more likely to be read than the famous "enlarge your penis" spam from an indian guy called "Nuvatu Gardesh".

Well the question is, can you make a lot of money with an internet buzz ?

First, I would like to make the distinction between a real company, selling real products or services and that would like to make people know about itself, and internet web sites designed only to generate a maximum of traffic and therefore maximise google adsense revenues.

My goal is to focus on the second one. Yesterday, I received an email from one of my friend with this link, that probably most of you know :

The idea is funny, people like it because it is talking about them, they will come only once but we don't care, it did not take too much time to create it. So everything is gathered to make a good internet buzz.

Let's take a look at the figures. Today, there has been 15.3 millions human sold :

- Pessimistic case :

- The number of visitors is equal to the number of human sold (minimum number of visitors) that is to say 15.3 millions.

- The CTR (click transformation rate) is equal to 0.5%

- Google adsense pays 20 cents per click.

15 300 000 * 0.005 * 0.20 = $ 15 300

- More optimistic case :

- The number of visitors is equal to 1.5 times the number of human sold (1/3 of the visitors has not been through the selling process)

- The CTR is equal to 1.5%

- Google adsense pays 50 cents per click

15 300 000 * 1.5 * 0.015 * 0.5 = $ 172 125.

So. For a good webmaster, this internet site is to my mind just a matter of 2 days development. In 2 days and some more time dedicated to ad for this site, the webmaster has earned between $ 15 300 and $ 172 125, and I am pretty sure a bit more.

There are realy great deals to make quickly on the internet. The good idea, at the right time can make you rich !

Thursday, July 31, 2008

1600 pandas in Paris !

I know this post has nothing to do with my blog, but I felt like I needed to share this info. (this is also the aim of a blog, isn't it ?) I was really shocked when I saw that.

Have a look at this photo :

This is 1,600 pandas made of paper that have been put in front of Paris townhall, to represent the whole population of Panda remaining in the world. The WWF emblema is not far from becoming an extinguished species if nothing is done to protect him. And this represents also the danger for all the threaten species in the world.

If you feel concerned by this topic, please tell your friends about it, if you have a blog write a post on this subject, I think this event needs to be known around the world !

Green IT : the new IT business Eldorado ?

I feel very concerned by the incoming climate changes, and when I hear that around 20,000,000 old computers will be thrown in the nature in 2008, that's just too much for me.

Hopefully, thanks to the increasing energy cost, companies begin to realise that saving energy is good for the budget and good for the planet. This environement is then propitious to new ideas, and new ideas lead to new businesses ! If google decided in february to invest several $ millions in green projects and startups, that is not just by chance... And it is not the only one, investment funds are putting billions in these green-tech startups, despite the current world economy situation.

Some years ago, California has decided to walk on the "green path" and a new contest, the Californa clean tech open is born ( Amongst the finalists, I have noticed one of them called "Power assure" that offers to save power for data centers, ISPs and government. According to its founders, it could enable companies to save up to 81% of their server's power consumption. How ??? The idea is pretty simple : the servers are dynamically switched on/off as the traffic increases/decreases, thanks to a software that monitors and restarts servers.

The company is currently carrying out some large scale tests with Facebook and Yahoo !, and if successful, it might lead them to some new juicy contracts with big blue or others huge power consumers.

A good business idea, that is at the same time good for the environment !

Want to know more about this company ?

Nationality : American (CA)
Status : Inc.

What makes you an entrepreneur ?

That's the one million dollar question ! What is entrepreneurship, and is there a typical profile to be a business creator ? Why some people will become entrepreneurs and why some others will never have the courage to quit the position they have since 20 years and set up their own business ?

This is a very personnal feeling from a small IT company boss, but I am pretty sure most of the entrepreneurs will agree with me. First of all I think you know you are an entrepreneur. I, when I was a student, have always known that I wanted to own my business. I knew that I will never be an employee all my life and that I needed to create something on my own.
And it did not take too long, after 1 year as an employee in an international american consulting company, I decided to quit to set up my business.

So I would say that entrepreneurship is first of all the strong willing to own a company, even the smallest one.

Then, I would say that an entrepreneur is somebody who wants to create something, and therefore to participate to the economy growth, even at a very small scale. When I take a look at my company, I am of course very proud (who would not be ?), but I think this pride comes from the fact that I participate to the world's evolution, and also to my country's evolution. Nationalism can be a very strong leverage to success !

So secondly, I would say that an entrepreneur is driven by a strong will to create new things and participate.

Be independant, have no boss. I think this is a real state of mind. Now that I have set up my business, I know that I will never, never be an employee again. This independancy feeling, I have never felt it so much but when I created my company. Of course, you always need to deal with your clients, but that is a supplier-customer relationship, which is totaly different from an employee-manager one.

So third, an entrepreneur is someone who wants to be independant and have no boss. He wants to be the boss.

Last but not least, an entrepreneur wants to set up a successful business. To earn good money of course, but also to feel he has been successful. I love success, I hate failure. I feel happy when I have been successful setting up a new thing, and I am raging if I fail, because I think I have not been capable of it. Of course we need failure to learn, and that makes me more eagger to succeed the next time.

So finaly, entrepreneurs want to be successful.

Here we are ! If you have recognized yourself in this description and that you are still an employee, you need to quit your job now ! Of course, you also need the idea, the business plan the funds and so on, but don't forget : there is no bad business, there are just bad run businesses...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The $10 Laptop

It seems that yesterday, (29th July 08) Indian officials have revealed that India was on track to develop the cheapest laptop in the world : less than $10 !

At first sight, it seems pretty unbelievable, but when you hear that Tata motors is producing a $ 2500 car, you know they can do it ! I am just wondering what will this laptop look like. As this is just a project kick off news, we do not have much info about that.

This laptop will be devoted to challenge the famous "1 laptop per child" fundation, and therefore will not be sold on the market but used to equip Indian pupiles.

A good initiative, hoping that this very low cost computer will be produced with a minimum care of the environment...

Develop your own Xbox game and earn money

Microsoft has recently announced that it could sell Xbox games developped by the players through XNA framework and share up to 70% of its revenues with the creators. These games will be available on the Xbox Live service.

After Wiiware, the equivalent service launched by Nitendo in 2007, that is another great example of the collaborative work that is used by more and more firms to develop their business. By exploiting everyone's creativity and innovation, companies minimise their risks since there is no initial investment (except maybe the development and support of the Dev framework), and are multiplying their chances of earning money with a great game concept coming from one of their fan.

As web bloggers becoming real entrepreneurs and earning money with their own creation, we will be able to be game creators and why not become famous with one of the Xbox success ?

I think that the IT world is only at dawn of this new collaborative era and that more and more is going to come !

Want to become an Xbox creator ?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Travel anywhere you want with the flying car !

When I found this link on the internet, I nearly felt down of my chair. Great idea, splendid idea ! A flying car !

For those like me who are born in the early 80s or before and have been watching the MASK cartoon on TV, this post will for sure raise up some nostalgy... !

This idea comes from Carl Dietrich, an MIT Graduate student who won the $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for Inventiveness. He says that he is targeting more the amateur-pilot market than impatient commuters. This device will allow pilots to quickly fly from one point to another and then reach the final destination by road.

To my mind, this is the real beginning of massive private long range travels. Although the price is still high : $ 194,000 if you want to reserve right now your "transition" (that's the name given to this plane/car).

The POC (Proof Of Concept) will be shown this week in Oshkosh, WI :

Eager to apply for a flying license !?

To know more :
Terrafugia Incorporated
Nationality : American (Woburn, MA)